Built for Crypto Communication

CONNECT2CRYPTO is a next generation community building platform designed for the blockchain industry.


CONNECT2CRYPTO combines messaging, community building tools, news, trends, and more to address issues currently between numerous applications and websites. A multi tiered KYC framework ensures users interact with legitimate teams, founders and organizations. AI powered Trending and Discover pages bring users into contact with relevant content catered to their interests.



Product Features

Multi-Tier Verification Frame Work

CONNECT2CRYPTO introduces a multi-tiered verification framework, reducing the prevalence of scam accounts and bots, promoting human-to-human interaction, and allowing for heightened levels of community management.

Decentralized Data

Your information is your own! Decentralized data storage keeps data secure and easily accessible from anywhere.

Monetization channels

CONNECT2CRYPTO’s premium feature allows community owners to take advantge of monetizing their private channels by creating subscription models within the app.

Community Tokens

CONNECT2CRYPTO provides a white label solution for the design, creation, and deployment of community tokens. Introduce activations best suited to your needs, and engage with your community the way you want.

Discover Our Trending Page to Find Your Next Best Projects

CONNECT2CRYPTO is the only communication platform that offers a dedicated Trending page. We go through the KYC of the projects & teams. Only, the projects that meet our KPIs are listed on our Trending page to ensure legit projects join our platform. Here you can find, learn, and interact with new projects and upvote the projects you support. Directly connect with team members & be a part of their growing community!


Solana is capable of processing 710000 on a standard gigabyte network, and finds a way to share time when nodes cannot rely upon one another.

Leadership Team

Calvin Doan President & Co-Founder
Frame 3
Kenny Doan CFO & Co-Founder
Sam Drissi Chief Operating Officer
Rahul Sharma Chief Marketing Officer
Devika Sharma General Manager
Rajiv Naidoo Strategy Manager
Theepan Kaja Chief Technology Officer

Founded in 2018, CONNECT2D Inc is a Canadian communications company founded by technology veterans Calvin and Kenny Doan.  The two previously launched private communication applications across the fields of Fitness and Healthcare, with CONNECT2CRYPTO being a natural foray into the blockchain industry.  The CONNEC2CRYPTO App aims to provide a crypto-native solution to communication and community building.  With a team of over 25 seasoned veterans across technology, communication, and blockchain, CONNECT2D Inc is redefining the infrastructure of crypto communication. 

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By fully leveraging the power of Solana CONNECT2CRYPTO is building a next-generation communication platform. CONNECT2CRYPTO is a robust community-building platform, combining intuitive design, artificial intelligence, and unparalleled security to create a complete user-centric experience.